Our Mission

At So Cal Auto Detail Center™, we strive to provide the best auto detailing and paint correction/paint protection services in San Diego, California. We offer comprehensive yet flexible car detailing services, as well as a wide range of paint re-conditioning packages, all suited to our clients’ needs and vehicle type. Every vehicle is treated as if it were our own, with unequaled quality and professionalism. No matter if it’s your first visit or 100th, our goal is provide a better-than-new finish each and every time. We tailor each detail or paint restoration to the customer’s needs and we provide education on owner car care and maintenance. Our goal is to achieve perfection resulting in that “WOW!” factor.
So Cal Auto Detail Center™ puts forth Determination, Experience, & Excellence into everything that we do. We are constantly in the pursuit of Perfection, Technique & Technology, Care & Commitment, and the finer things in detail.  So whether you are interested in full scale paint correction, looking to restore the original paint on your classic or exotic car, or you simply wish to preserve and protect the finish on your vehicle, or motorcycle,  So Cal Auto Detail Center™ will meet your goals and expectations with passion, precision, and perfection!

About The Owner

A lifelong car enthusiast, Henry Diaz created So Cal Auto Detail Center™ as an extension of his passion for cars and drive to become a successful entrepreneur.  With a keen eye and attention to detail, Henry is always striving to improve his techniques and keep up to date on current methods in auto detailing and paint restoration/correction. When he’s not in the shop, or spending time with his family, Henry attends numerous seminars and training courses throughout the country.   It is his passion and drive to learn to do more that enables So Cal Auto Detail Center™ to always be on the cutting edge in paint care and restoration.

Henry’s Certifications  & Skills

Rupes Advanced Sanding & Polishing Techniques Training

• Paint Correction : Esoteric Auto Detailing

• Paint Correction:  Lucci Elite Auto Detailing

• NXT Wet Sanding Certification:  Meguiars & Buffdaddy

• Certified Installer: Optimum Pro Coatings & Car Care

• Certified Installer:  Gyeon Quartz Coating

“Being the best is not about using the best tools or best products. It is about your intent, how you represent yourself and your craft in the possible best way.” – Henry Diaz /Owner