Interior Sanitize & Quick Steam Detail

Auto detail is more than making a vehicle exterior look great, it’s also about providing an interior that is clean and sanitary. Let’s face it, in daily life, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Whether it’s for commuting to work, running errands, going for a night out, taking the kids to school, or for work itself as a ride share or deliver driver, it’s the interior of a vehicle that gets the most use. At SoCal Auto Detail Center™ we put as much work and expertise into our interior detail work as much as a vehicle’s exterior because it’s important to have a clean and sanitary interior to help protect us from viruses and harmful bacteria.

Our Interior Sanitize & Quick Steam Detail is the perfect option to have your vehicle’s interior cleaned properly and protected. We use some of the best cleaning solutions for this service including Bactashield Basic™  the world’s first in temporary spray on anti-bacterial surface coating that will kill harmful bacteria upon contact. It is non-toxic solution without strong chemical odors and is completely transparent that eliminates foul odors caused by bacteria and air borne bacteria and will continuously do so for up to 3 months.

Key benefits of our Interior Sanitize & Quick Steam Detail include: kills odor causing bacteria • Colorless and odorless • Instantly starts killing bacteria on surfaces lasts up to 3 months on surface • Applies quickly & Easily. Check out all the services provided with this detail and make an appointment today.


Cars & SUVs $50

Thorough Vacuum of Interior

Steam Clean & Sanitize the following

steering wheel

turn signal lever

wiper level

shift knob

cup holders front and rear

arm rest

center counsel top

air vents

Please allow 30-45 mins to complete

*all prices are subject to change  •  *sorry, we do not offer engine cleaning services

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