When it comes to perfection, that's me. Henry is the BEST detailer around. They actually take car cleaning to a new level. Everything is done right, and my car looks better then the day I picked it up from the dealer every time they do it!! Honest, reliable and not to mention the best products out there (he even uses a special wax just for white cars) your not going to find anyone better. No one touches my car except these guys. and they are the BEST!!! Not to mention no swirl marks and they know how to remove crap off your paint like those stupid yellow spots. THEEEEE BEST!!!!

Richard E. March 17, 2015

Henry is awesome and they really take pride in the work they do. Been having my cars detailed for years and my friend Rick insisted that I bring my Panamera here. They delivered much more than I expected
Must try this place.

Danny K. August 9, 2017

Excellent job on my car! Looks great and smells like baby powder. My car needed some serious cleaning and my boy Mannix at So-Cal Auto Detail Center delivered! He took the time to show me the areas of my car that needed attention and gave me tips on how to avoid further damage to my paint. Friendly, attentive and professional service. I highly recommend.

Valerie G. June 2, 2017

Henry and his guys always take good care of my car! I've been taking my car to get detailed for a handful of years and they always leave my car looking amazing! Top notch service from true professionals and guys that love cars! They have plenty of experience with luxury vehicles as well, you will not be disappointed! Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Denise Ferrat January 10, 2018

I was searching for a detailer to work on my Harley Davidson Motorcycle I found SoCal Auto Detail Center in Mission Valley. WOW!! That's all I can say when I picked my bike up. It hadn't been detailed since I bought the bike and it had amassed over 10000 hard miles on it. Henry and the guys got it showroom clean. The amount of effort and detail they put into it was amazing. They took care of it like it was their own. When I went to pick the bike up I looked at all the hard to get places to see if it was cleaned and polished and they hr the mark on every place!!
Not only was the detail job flawless, but the price was comparable to every other detail shop I researched. When it was time to pick my bike up SoCal was on time, and I wasn't. They stayed open late just so I could pick the bike up. As long as I live in San Diego I will never entrust my bike or truck to anyone else except SoCal. Thanks gents for the great job!!!

January 13, 2018


I had an EMERGENCY on my hands in which my son's car needed a COMPLETE DETAIL (engine included) done in ONE DAY, yes ONE DAY so that it could be shipped overseas to where he is stationed. I called up So Cal and explained my situation to Henry who just happened to be the owner. Henry told me not to worry and that he could handle the job and get it done in the time I needed it. He was VERY professional and really cared about my situation. When I picked up the car the next morning I was AMAZED to say the least! AN AWEEEESSOMMME job!!!!! I am a customer for life!!!! THANK YOU SO CAL!!!!

Kristie D. January 17, 2018

Top line service... Henry is a true professional and runs a tight shop. Mannix will start you through and set you up right. The personalized service and attention to detail you get is worth every bit. Thank you.

Tony Uniewski January 10, 2018

default image

So glad I chose to go with So-Cal! Henry really went above and beyond. I shared with him how I wanted to get my boyfriend's car all spruced up before he comes home from deployment....who knows when the last time he had the interior cleaned, if ever! The interior was definitely not in the best shape with several moves, beach days with the doggie, military gear, baseball practice, etc..... I have a tough work schedule to work around and also wanted the oil changed. When I asked Henry for a referral to a nearby spot to get an oil change, he reassured me he would pick up and drop off the car at my work AND could take the car to get an oil change for me!!!!! I am so grateful! His team did a stellar job on the interior, all those nooks and crannies like new again! The exterior looks fantastic as well!!!! Couldn't be more pleased. 🙂

Elaine G. December 2, 2017

What can I say about this shop? Henry runs his business with pride. His honesty impressed me. Had a small issue with my car, Henry took the time to resolve the issue with customer. This shop is legitimate, forget about bad reviews on yelp, they were fake. For sure will do business with this shop again. We need more business like So-Cal detailer.

Linh D. September 21, 2017

I'm a first-time customer and just left after my appointment this morning, and simply cannot believe the value that they provide. I got the basic detail and my car looks AWESOME! And smells good too! I will definitely be back and will consider upgrading to an even better service next time.

Allison S. SoCal Auto Detail Center at Hazard Center April 29, 2017