SEDAN $475 • SUV $525

* Please allow one business day to complete

Gentle Pre-rinse with softened water

Foam bath pre-soak

2-bucket wash (to decontaminate the wash solution)

Iron paint decontaminate & remove Iron particles  

Clay bar treatment to further remove all contaminants

Tires thoroughly cleaned & reconditioned

Fender wheel walls cleaned & reconditioned

Rims cleaned with an acid free, pH balanced formula

Spray wet color enhancer for high gloss look

Air purge of excess water in reservoirs & door jams

Dry with ultra-soft, microfiber towels

Paint is enhanced with a Dual Action polisher

Sealant added to protect the refinished paint

Carnauba wax is also applied to the paint

  *Appointments for this service must be made at least one (1) day in advance.