Charles S. - SoCal Auto Detail Center™

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January 13, 2018

I was searching for a detailer to work on my Harley Davidson Motorcycle I found SoCal Auto Detail Center in Mission Valley. WOW!! That’s all I can say when I picked my bike up. It hadn’t been detailed since I bought the bike and it had amassed over 10000 hard miles on it. Henry and the guys got it showroom clean. The amount of effort and detail they put into it was amazing. They took care of it like it was their own. When I went to pick the bike up I looked at all the hard to get places to see if it was cleaned and polished and they hr the mark on every place!!
Not only was the detail job flawless, but the price was comparable to every other detail shop I researched. When it was time to pick my bike up SoCal was on time, and I wasn’t. They stayed open late just so I could pick the bike up. As long as I live in San Diego I will never entrust my bike or truck to anyone else except SoCal. Thanks gents for the great job!!!

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